This page last updated 12/24/07.

This page has a few links to some things to do or see around Boston.


The best way to see a movie is the Chunky's way...grab a beer and burger and recline in a bucket seat from a Lincoln Town Car. Even a bad movie seems good here.

A few of the radio stations around here include WBZ and WBCN. Of course there are many more but you can find them on your own

I spent many years working on the old "Big Mattress" morning radio show in Boston. Even though it's not on the air live anymore, the website is full of some of the greatest moments in Boston radio history (even if I do say so myself). I did a couple of other things while I was at WBCN, one of the most popular was when I played the part of "Donald from Dedham".

One of my favorite places to eat out at is Hooters because the beer is always cold, the wings are great, and so are the breasts. ;-)
You can read about some of my many Hooters trips here.

The Phantom Gourmet will tell you other places to eat at as well places to avoid.  has news and links of things around Boston. The Boston Phoenix is a weekly entertainment and lifestyle newspaper. NECN and WCVB TV's website both have video news clips.

The New England Aquarium and the Museum Of Science are both great places for kids of all ages.

Canobie Lake Park. An amusement park about 35 mins north of Boston. About 2.5 hours to the west is a Six Flags.

Massachusetts used to have its own music-video channel in the 80's called V-66.

The website for the home of the 1996 NHL All-Star Game...the FleetCenter

The final 'numbers' ceremony at the old Boston Garden...the end of an era...