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My TV and Movie Page


Anyone who has a TiVo knows that it's like the coolest invention that ever happened for a TV. Well, here are step by step instructions how to turn your PC into a Personal Video Recorder, just like a TiVo.

Here is another cool invention: a combination remote control/cordless telephone...all in one! No more fumbling around to answer the phone and turn down the volume...just flip the remote control over and answer the built-in phone. Pure genius!

You ever find yourself watching a movie and thinking that they made a mistake from one scene to another? keeps track of these things and proves that you're not as crazy as your friends are saying you are. The Matrix, Titanic, Lord of the Rings, and Spider-Man each have more than 100 documented mistakes.

Useless Movie Quotes has thousands of quotes from all kinds of movies.

The Movie Sounds Page has a great selection of sound files from lots of movies.

Find out how you were when key events happened in TV history with the TV Age Gauge. call themselves the ultimate site for the sitcom fan.

Actor, comedian, and former ESPN sports guy Jay Mohr.

NESN is the New England Sports Network.

Massachusetts used to have its own music-video channel in the 80's called V-66.

This Old House is the best of all the fix-it-up shows.

When there is nothing good on TV or when you're at the office and don't really feel like working, you can watch some really great short movies online. IFILM The Internet Movie Guide has lots of great flicks. Be sure to check out is amazing! And if you like South Park, watch Park Wars

Have you heard of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where almost every actor can be linked to Kevin Bacon? Try it online. This is the game that we play at work on boring Friday mornings (shh...don't tell the boss!).



I was a Traffic Reporter for many years on NECN

I also did fill-ins on Boston's WCVB.

See Dave's desk down below on the left...
Yes, that is REALLY me up there!I've been to the David Letterman show a few times and made it in an audience shot once.

I also attended tapings of a few old talk-shows (does anyone remember The Chevy Chase Show? I didn't think so) as well as a few Hollywood sitcoms (Married With Children, Herman's Head).




I sat at Mulder's desk in the X-Files office.

Yes, that's really me, really wearing the uniform. And those are the real guys... I spent some time on the Bridge of the Enterprise and then had Blood Wine with a Klingon at Quark's Bar.
That's me way way WAY back in the circleThat's me in the upper left Good Morning America did their show from Boston a few years ago, where I pushed and shoved my way into a few shots.

Mom getting Diane Sawyer's autograph.

Mom getting Kathy Lee's autograph. walked out of the shot just as I was taking the pic!

Mom on the set.


I took my mom to NYC a few years ago to see the  Millionaire show and Regis & Kathy Lee.


I was in the audience for a concert filmed for the movie Be Cool, but I can't find myself in the crowd. However I can find myself in the crowd in two of Aerosmith's music videos.