I haven't updated this page since late 2006 so I don't know what is still relevant or not these days.

These days more time is spent on things like MySpace and My Blog so this page gets neglected.

This page has become a hodge-podge of assorted pages with links to other websites...some of which are cool and useful while others may be lame or boring. Some may be well-known, and others may be quite obscure.

There is no rhyme or reason to anything here and there is no uniformity but hopefully there will be something to hold your interest.

If you have any suggestions for links to include, or if any of the links turn up bad, or if you wanna tell me about something that you like here or dislike here, you can tell me by emailing stuff at struff dot com.

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Fan of BBQ-ing? You can check out The New England Barbecue Society's website to see if there is an event near you.

Kevin Smith, also known as the "Silent Bob" half of "Jay & Silent Bob", has an outstanding blog where he writes in detail about his films. I especially like his nine-part story about "Jay's" real-life addiction and rehab -- very emotional, especially if you've ever tried helping an addict yourself. I was glued to the computer for about a month reading it.

"Twitchels", the comic with Tourettes, regularly heard on the Opie & Anthony show.

Try this real-life simulator

Download the entire Internet here!

Get your "What Would Jesus Do" thong here.

Get your own church sign here.

And you can get highway signs, gas station signs, restaurant signs, and more here.

This guy attaches cameras to animals and plants and stuff.

Sky High Airlines: One of the coolest airline websites.

The Greatest Elvis songs you've never heard including La Vida Loca, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Achy Breaky Heart

The ultimate car...er, motorcycle(?)

Read what waiters and waitresses have said about various celebrities they have served at bitterwaitress.com.

autographedtoyou.com has a small (but hopefully growing) selection of pics you can buy that are signed by celebrities.

coversproject.com is a database of songs that were played by musicians other than the original. If your favorite band has a song that someone else recorded, you can enter it. You can see how that song or that band links to other songs/bands, thus creating a chain not unlike the fabled Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

What is the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, you may ask? It is the theory that almost every actor can be linked to Kevin Bacon. For example, someone I used to work with was in a movie with someone who was in a different movie with Kevin Bacon. That makes my former co-worker two degrees away. Try it online and see how many degrees away you can get. It's not easy. They also have a new Elvis version where you enter someone's name and see how far removed they are from The King.

We've all seen the "this page cannot be displayed" page while surfing the 'net, right? Well this one is just a little bit different and more fun to read.

Check out my "arrest" reports (and how to get one of your own).

See the police mugshots of celebrities such as Pee-Wee Herman, Larry King, and Bill Gates.

Remember the old game Pong? Here's one for you.

The Traffic Cone Preservation Society

Anything you never wanted to know about Mentos.

HeliSpot...A web site devoted to helicopter pictures.

Read the story of someone who deposited a junk-mail check for more than $95,000 into his ATM account, and it cleared!

Read cyber-sleaze and other stuff at the Onion and the Smoking Gun.

List of lists, including 208 Ways to kill Barney, 45 Reasons NOT to Have Sex, and 10 Best (Worst) Ways to Kill Wesley Crusher.

(Almost? Maybe?) Useful Stuff

The Rockmore Floating Restaurant:

So, you think you're a cool person? Click here to make sure

Atlantic Watercraft Club

Places to launch a boat around the big lake in NH

Tired of getting the runaround when calling automated telephone systems? There are a few websites that have alternate phone numbers and ways to bypass the crap to get to live operators. One such website is here and there is another one here.

News and info about cell service providers in the northeastern U.S. from cellguru.net.

You can use gaspricewatch.com to check gasoline prices -- especially useful these days!

One of several lists of free stuff you can get on your birthday.

Find out about more free stuff at thefreesite.com.

You can subscribe to get AMBER Alerts sent to your cellphone (free for most US providers).

Google Video lets you watch archived TV programs and more -- just type in your search term and Google Video will search through closed captioning and text descriptions. You can also check out the Google Labs page which gives you a sneak peak at some of the new ideas they are working on.

Lots of websites (including Google) have telephone directories but I like PhoneNumber.com because it is easy to use and gives you several other options, too.

Have the White House send someone you know a birthday or anniversary greeting.

Looking for ways to attach your old computer devices to your new laptop?

Can't keep track of which holidays are when?

Wanna know which airline pilots get paid the best?

Expecting a flight? flightview.com and flightaware.com let you track it online.

The Aviation Consumer Protection homepage.

Paying too much for prescriptions? Thought about getting them from Canada but worried about safety or reliability? Try smartchoicepharmacy.com. We've been using them since 2001 and haven't had any problems.

What does your phone number spell? PhoNETic finds words within telephone numbers.

pcpitstop.com for free automated tests to get your PC running faster, make it more stable, and identify security problems.


Better safe than sorry, right?

Customize Windows XP at themexp.org.

Ebayers That Suck.

Ever wanna know how your computer or your TV or cell phone work? Find out how everything works at howstuffworks.com.

The Straight Dope is where the world's smartest human being can answer your question about about anything. Past questions include: is it possible to straighten and lengthen a penis?

Ever dream of being in a movie? Here's your chance: beinamovie.com. When the Hollywood studios need people for big crowd scenes in movies, they use services like this.

How To Spot an Email Hoax -- A MUST read! No, seriously, PLEASE read this so you stop sending me such email!

If women take off their clothes, will it really help keep terrorists away? That would sure be nice, huh. Did Van Halen really ban brown M&M's from their dressing room? Did Rod Stewart really get his stomach pumped out? Find out if any of this stuff is true on the snopes.com urban legends reference site.

Are you bored with the limited number of icons available for your Instant Message or Chat program? There are thousands to choose from at badassbuddy.com and ballericons.com and buddyicon.info.

Planning on a trip to the ocean? Wanna know how cold the water is? Look up a nearby buoy and find out.

Does your cell phone service suck? Do you complain to Customer Service about dead spots and they think you're smoking crack? DeadCellZones.com will believe you. Tell them about your dead spots or read about where other people have problems.

Freedomlist - Free and cheap ISP directory.

So you have a really neato multi-component remote control for all of your audio and video stuff at home, but you just bought a new component and you can't find the instructions to program it into that cool remote? Well you may be in luck at remotecentral.com.

 How fast are you? Find out here.

We've all seen how pure they say that Dove soap is, but how pure are you? Take the Purity Test online (I am 33% pure, my friends Greg and Jeff are both 27% pure, and Shannon is the purest of us all so far at 55).

After you find out how pure you are, see who your celebrity dream date would be at emode.com (mine is Cameron Diaz....sweet!).

Hungry? Order an Internet Pizza or have some chocolate-covered ants. But you may wanna think twice about Pop Tarts because they can be very dangerous.

Thirsty? How well do you know your beer? See if you can guess which beer belongs in which bottle. If a pop is more your style, here is a list of Internet accessible Coke machines. Got Milk?

Find out how to make your own Snapple Iced Tea and other Top Secret Recipes.

Speed Trap Exchange...some helpful info!

Have a decision to make? Let an Internet Magic 8-Ball help you. I used this to help me decide whether or not I should buy a house.

The Vatican is on the Internet.

Have a tough stain that you want out? Maybe Tide can help.

Jules' Undersea Lodge is a hotel like no other...it is more than 20 feet below the sea near Key Largo.

Are you feeling like you're on shaky ground? Maybe you're not just drunk...check the latest earthquake information.

Find out how far away that earthquake is or the distance between any two cities.

Some links for webmasters from hads.net

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